You Tube Video showing the New Aide

You Tube Video Showing Off the Latest SFW Aide!!

There is a You Tube Video giving a quick tutorial on how to use the new Star Fleet Warlord Aide.

New Star Fleet Warlord Aide Available!!!

New Warlord Aide is available!!

Just go to the Dowloads page grab the new Aide. (Version 0.9.0)

Some of the Features:

  1. Graphical Interface (It is no longer a text-based interface)
  2. Easily Import the game zip files without messing with extracting them first.
  3. Runs of Mac and Windows (including XP, Vista and Windows 7)
  4. Simple interface.
  5. Can organize the game into groups.
  6. View Sector scans from within the Aide
  7. View Turn Reports from within the Aide

Note: This is a Beta version of the client and it will be improved in the near future.