Strategic Campaign in the High Arena

A quarterly four-page publication dealing with the Star Fleet Warlord play-by-mail game. Reading all these issues gives you a pretty good idea of the history of SFW over the past several years, and include many questions & answers, tactics articles, and such that still apply today (especially with more recent issues).
The following issues are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Just click on one to download it.
Errata for the version 7.3 rulebook; brief history of SFW prior to this issue; example of combat; AOG policy list.
More errata; what to do if you find an error; various questions and answers; Starbase Orders.
New races (Andro, WYN fish, Seltorian); Andro Q&A; handling the Nasty Space Monsters; description of all monsters.
Favorite Corp names & mottos; Top Ten Signs You're Not Doing So Good; Reflections (fiction); defending the HO article; long-range drone bombardment explanation and strategy.
Special new rulebook issue for the new revision, #7.4! Includes various changes to AOG policies and procedures and a page by page breakdown of rules changes in this revision.
Warlord's Aide arrival, errors in the new rulebook, bizarre planetoid primer, Quantity or Quality? article; Historical Game Strategy article; explanation of various game variants.
Logistics Bases; new Aide; desiging a custom game; Exploring the Graveyard of Ships article.
Removal of "chaining" prospecting effect; Lingering Doubt fiction; Listening Post article and orders; new credit card policy.
Clarification of Lyran base-attacking ability; Continental Conquest description; Volunteer With Honor fiction; commandoes in SFW.
Rules clarifications (RA, LB, PH, LOGB); complete update for the new Ship List version 7.5; frequent turn errors (READ THIS!)
Things you didn't know about AOG & SFW; Random Event Game variant; complete list of "good" random events in Event Games; updated list of all additions/deletions in the new Ship List 7.5.
Die Hard Game rules; CUSS Die Hard race; minor rules updates (NPC Corps improved and Home Office prospecting bug).
Deletion of double-turns with the new Sequence# feature; complete Espionage tutorial; Best Corps Lists explained.
New Sector Specials feature; updated AOG corporate issues; Frugal Gravekeeper tactics article; ship movement sequence of play.
Two dozen new Sector Specials; updated Die Hard game rules; administrative update; articles on invasions and basic game winning play; tips & tricks on fake scan orders, sequencing games, and concealing your attempt to win.